Dog Sebaceous Cyst Ointment 30Ml

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Beauty Adequate Dog Sebaceous Cyst Ointment

You reached us because your only option is surgery, and the risk of infections is high, and the complication of the surgery like anesthetic reaction, blood poisoning, scars, or Keloid…Etc


It can be used for any skin type, it will be made specifically for you, rich of all-natural ingredients that heal and protect the skin such as New Zealand Native plants and trees, which have a very strong antibacterial components that were used for thousands of years to treat skin problems and maintain a healthy, radiant and soft skin.

Another thing we use is extra virgin olive oil that been used for thousands of years in the hot Mediterranean area to keep their skin tight and glowing for years.

a product that you can use it whenever you want, at your privacy in the home or the office, keep it handy in your bag, No Embarrassing, Expensive appointments needed, and you don’t have to have scars for the rest of your life, you may become a celebrity, prince or princess one day, so protect your skin for the unknowing future.

Our ointment will act from the first use, from5-10 days you will see the infected pore is opening-up and start to discharge, or your body will start dissolving the cyst and starting to disappear, it depends on how the cyst was formed, and the components of the cyst. we will give our simple instruction of how to use the ointment to get rid of your Dog Sebaceous Cyst.

When using the ointment you have to keep the area covered all the time, and put a pet cone or something similar to prevent the pet from removing the dressing.

Have you watched our YouTube videos with real clients???

(Sorry, there are no gorgeous models, nice backgrounds or photoshopped pictures).

We sell natural products and we show real results for real clients, nothing artificial.

It works for Sebaceous Cyst, Cystic Acne Ganglion…etc..

Our Ointment Is made from 100% Natural Ingredients, a unique combination of natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredients that will;

*Fight the inflammation

*fight the bacteria such (Propionibacterium).

*Unblock the pores and bring the extensive sebum to the surface and dry it out, and reduce the size of the sack to it is normal size.

*Help to Rejuvenate The Skin Cells.

*Not dry out your skin.

*It is suitable for all skin types.

*Speed up the healing of wounds.

*balance your skin.

*Beauty Adequate ointment is the only ointment in the world to work on Cystic Acne, Sebaceous Cyst, Eczema, Ganglion Cyst, Pilonidal Cyst, Hemorrhoid, Bed Sores and more..


Organic beeswax, organic Plumbago zeylanica, extra virgin olive oil, almond(Prunus dulcis)oil,Sarco asoca, bergamot essential oil, marigolds(tithonia diversifolia),sesame oil, sweet orange essential oil, Moroccan chamomile(ormeis multicaulis), comfrey(Symphytum officinale),Schefflera digitata,fresh hyssop(H. officinalis),caraway Carum carvi),naturalherbs, cardamom (genera elettaria), Portulaca oleraceae, aniseed (Pimpinella anisum), angelica(A. archangelica),organic bergamot, Metrosideros robusta ,bay tree ((Laurus nobilis ), lavender oil,lovage(levisicum officinale).


*ALLERGY WARNING: contain sesame oil, beeswax that may contain propolis. may contain traces of nuts, sesame seeds.