Canker Sore Lip Balm

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One of the main ingredients is a unique native new Zealand tree ( Patatē ) that does not grow outside of New Zealand it used to be used by the native people of New Zealand for thousands of years to cure them from diseases.

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Beauty Adequate Canker Sore Lip Balm

Do you need a Healthy looking, shiny and Smooth Lips, and Fighting your Cold Sore or Canker Sore at the same time?, and all the ingredients have to be Natural?

Are you asking for too much?

Where can you find all this in one product?

Well, you are in the right place.

Our Lip Balm is made from Natural Ingredients that will:

    1Smoothen the lips.
    2- Get rid of COLD SORES.
    3- The only product in the world that  EFFECTIVE against CANKER  SORES (AphthousStomatitis).
    4- Specially formulated for Dry & Cracked Lips.
    5- Protect the lips from external exposure, Dry Air, Cold temperatures.
    6- Give the lips Puffing & Shiny Glowing look.

    7- Anti-Fungal components.



New Zealand honey, bees wax, essential oil(sweet orange), extra virgin olive oil, sesame oil, almond(Prunus dulcis)oil, Sambucus, Peppermint essential oil, marigolds(tithonia diversifolia), Moroccan chamomile(ormeis multicaulis), comfrey(Symphytum officinale),Schefflera digitata, fresh hyssop(H. officinalis)caraway (Carum carvi),cardamom (genera elettaria), natural herbs, Hebe salicifolia, angelica(A. archangelica), sweet orange essential oil, palmarosa essential oil , coriander(Coriandrum sativum) ,lovage(levisicum officinale),tea tree oil (melaleuca alternifolia), (Pumpkin) Seed Oil.

*ALLERGY WARNING: contain sesame oil, beeswax that may contain propolis. may contain traces of nuts, sesame seeds.


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