Our Story

From Dream To Reality

We Are a New Zealand Based Company


My story with beauty adequate started when we were in need for a natural product to treat a skin condition that my newborn child had, all doctors options where steroids and cortisone products and it have too many side effects and it’s no solution rather than put it under control for some time.

I started searching the internet and the medical books trying not to harm my baby, as a person who has a bachelor in accountancy, it was irrelevant but the Motivation was high that makes me trying to understand every single thing I came across, trying to find one solution to stop my baby from suffering.

The task was hard and not easy, so I enrolled in a Naturopathy college, and it happened to be at the right time and right place with the right people, I gain amazing knowledge about Aotearoa Medical Plants. With the research and personal studies, I combine all the knowledge together to reach these unique products and to be in this unique stage it took a lot of time and effort.

When I succeed in achieving this goal, I decided that these graces must be available to all the inhabitants of the earth, so that they can enjoy what this land has of unique trees and plants that are unparalleled. By mixing these unique plants and other medicinal plants, we have been able to make these products, which have no parallel in the history of humanity as a whole.

Beauty Adequate products are 100% Pure Natural, Organic ingredients, based on years of experience with the traditional and modern technique, we choose our ingredients carefully depending on a very wide knowledge.

Our product takes up to 12 weeks to prepare the ingredients, which is based on a lot of research and experiments, and so we are still developing and researching to get the most strength from our ingredients and combine them together in harmony.

The positive feedback we received from our happy customers promotes us to maintain our high standard and go on.

Of course, we have to fix our body from inside, by stopping the unhealthy acts we do to our body from the manufacturing food we eat and the chemical we use in our daily life…etc.

Therefore, we do not use any of the synthetic or identical to natural ingredients, even if the FDA has approved it, so you will sense natural Essential Oils but no flavor or fragrance.